• Broken Fortune by Aly Mennuti

    Broken Fortune explores the unraveling of a wealthy, blended family forced to reconsider their future together as their world falls apart around them. Elizabeth Sunderland—a forty-three-year-old wife and mother of two teenagers—is the oldest of five children in a blended family that never quite blended. The only thing that has held them together is the iron will of their wealthy parents: Benjamin Sunderland, a venture capitalist, and Kate Bernard, a partner of a hedge fund. Together, Benjamin and Kate create and rule over a Manhattan dynasty of which their children each bear their own unique scars. Elizabeth has been trying to keep the family together since she was ten years…

  • In The Interest of Letting Go by D.M. Cabral

    IN THE INTEREST OF LETTING GO is part poetry, part memoir and part scrapbook; a collection of musings, photographs and journal entries exploring themes of falling in love, falling apart and moving on. Broken into three parts: the flights of butterflies, the scars left behind and letting go, this collection invites you to step into someone else’s retrospection, subjective experiences, longings, heartaches and journey to self-love. Written with honesty and vulnerability, In the Interest of Letting Go is an exercise in remembering, healing and letting go.   Available in paperback $14.99 and on Kindle for $4.99     plan it