Murder by Manuscript


by Susan D. Steiner


Award-winning book that recently earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards!

Just weeks away from finishing his master’s degree at NYU, troubled loner August Burns tackles a shooter aiming for a lecture hall full of students, then tries to escape the resulting notoriety by taking off for Europe

But fate intervenes when he stumbles on the murder of a young equestrian in London and is arrested for the crime. As he hunts down the real killer, he is thrown together with a cowgirl veterinarian, a Texas rancher, and a grumpy cat in a series of coincidences only explained by the uncanny predictions found in a discovered manuscript from his grandmother.

The tale gallops along a foretold path filled with coincidences and plot twists, all while the actual murderer’s deadly ambition endangers all those August loves. To outrun the darkness that threatens to consume him, August must discover his own story, express his hidden gifts, and risk everything.


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