A Spirited Engagement


By Belinda Kroll


It is a truth universally acknowledged that ghost brides make annoying romantic rivals.

Making her reluctant return to London after a ten-year absence, Tessa Preston cannot hide her dismay at her employer’s friendliness with Jasper Steele, the man who chased her away. To make matters more annoying, he’s haunted by a most insistent ghost bride. Determined to prove her indifference to the charming Jasper, Tessa realizes the entitled ghost demanding his attention may not be all she seems. Meanwhile, unaware of Tessa’s enmity, Jasper is delighted to have a second chance at her affections, and will let nothing, not even her cold stares, dampen his enthusiasm.

A Spirited Engagement is a cozy Victorian fantasy featuring sweet romance, annoying ghosts, found family, and a plucky BIPOC heroine kicking butt in all her finery surrounded by whimsical fun.


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