Until the Last Page by Chantal Gadoury

Every good fairytale begins with "Once Upon a Time," or they're supposed to at least. But for twenty-five year old Josephine Hart, her "Once Upon a Time" began with her literally crash landing inside a book of fairy tales and nearly crushing a frog—who is actually a prince. An annoying, snarky frog prince named Aneurin, seeking the kiss of true love to break his curse. He vows that if Jo agrees to help him find his princess, he will get her home.With every turn of the page, their adventure leads them deeper into fairytales familiar to Jo. Through their journey, they discover that despite their initial clashing, they're both exactly what each other needs. It is only when they encounter a devious man with a talent for spinning straw into gold, that they realize just how quickly their plot can take an unexpected twist.


A Diamond Bright and Broken by Holly Davis

Discover the founder of Diversity is Lit Bookclub's debut where one girl's magical power is both a gift and a curse. Sixteen-year-old Cadence was born with the ability to cry tears of diamonds–a secret talent her parents have abused to climb the royal ranks thanks to the infinite source of wealth. At their command, she cries diamonds to pay for the pricey treatments for her sister's neuromuscular disorder. Regardless of the pain, she'll do anything for her sister, who weakens by the day. When the prince heckles Cadence at the King’s Summer Solstice Ball about her sister’s disability while dancing in the ballroom, she’s left on the verge of tears, threatening to expose her power. She is saved by a mysteriously charming girl who sweeps in to take the next dance—and the single diamond Cadence cried. The stranger reveals the Magi Queen sent her to tell Cadence that she's a mage, and that her power is a curse. Yearning to discover the secrets behind her powers, Cadence sets off for the City of Magi. To claim the life she wants, Cadence must embrace her power—before she loses the bright spots in her otherwise sad existence. After all, even diamonds can shatter.


*ApollyCon 2025 Book Signing * Motor Girl and the Endless Race by A. A. Achibane

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center 201 Waterfront Street, Fort Washington, MD

A.A. Achibane will be a signing author at ApollyCon 2025. It's been nearly a year since Josaline's cousin disappeared. But since Rene is lesser than dirt as an Alloy, her disappearance goes uninvestigated. That's the law. In the near future, Josaline's wealthy parents helped create laws discriminating against over half the population. Understandably, she would want to keep her identity a secret from everyone. No one would understand why she's looking for her lost cousin, Rene. Josaline has finally moved away from her parents. Secretly moving in with her 'lesser' family (Alloyed), Josaline is ready to start fresh where no one (except her family) knows who she is. The only problem is that her cousin, Rene, is still missing, and her cousin, Reglin, lost his patience long ago. When Josaline discovers his plan to infiltrate the only suspects questioned by the police, she forces her help on him. But no one can know who she is; her powerful family would make things worse, not better.   *See ApollyCon website for more information on the event and to purchase tickets. All details below are current as of date of posting.

$25 – $320