The Good Side of the River


by Abbas Tashakkori


Told by an Iranian-American immigrant, this is an emotionally engaging collection of stories chronicling seven decades of struggles and triumphs, from a childhood of poverty in Iran, and with parents who never went to school themselves, to professional success in American academia.

It takes the reader along on a voyage through beautiful but impoverished ancient places and cultures to a modern and fast-changing world requiring personal sacrifices and risks to survive and adapt. The book also provides glimpses of life during some of the geopolitical turmoil of the past decades involving Iran and the U.S., such as the Islamic Revolution, hostage crisis of 1977, economic embargo, Iran-Iraq war. Emotional and psychological costs of dealing with major changes during that voyage, ending in immigration and change of citizenship, and three decades of working as a professor, researcher, writer, and administrator in the U.S.


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