by Brandon L Roberts


Embark on a transformational journey with Bradley Wales as he faces life-altering changes in ‘Flower,’ the debut release from Rhode Island author Brandon L Roberts. Bradley’s struggle to connect with others and his feelings of being lost in the chaos of life unfold in a story brimming with raw emotion and gripping uncertainty.

A Life Turned Upside Down:

As his marriage teeters on the brink and his fear of loneliness looms, Bradley’s world is shattered by a shocking diagnosis following a seemingly harmless bee sting.

An ordinary life is rocked by a mysterious floral deformity, putting his marriage, friendships, and life at risk.

Bradley must confront old and new relationships as his life, job, and family undergo irreversible changes.

With a cold Rhode Island winter fast approaching, will Bradley live to see a cure?

Why You’ll Love Flower:

  • Brandon L Roberts offers seamless transitions between drama and comedy in this slice-of-life tale with hints of absurdity.
  • Realistically delve into themes of grief, uncertainty, and the search for meaning in the time we have left.
  • Challenges readers to forgive, forget, and find purpose amidst chaos.

Discover the first book in a thought-provoking three-part anthology series on grief by Brandon L Roberts.


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