A Nameless Curse: Book one of the Realms Curse Duology


by GW Prouse


Felicity is a weapon trained to expose secrets, slit throats, and weaken realms. A Fae orphan raised among humans, she’s loyal to the guild who trained her. She needs to complete one final mission to be inducted among those who call themselves Master Spy. Ordered to uncover the rebel informants within the king’s court, she finds herself amidst the gossip acting as the rakish prince’s latest conquest. When her guild returns memories she hadn’t known they’d stolen, she questions her reality. But there are more interesting whispers of a dark curse that blurred identities and truths-and hints that the royal family may be the cause. Forced to question who the real traitors are, she must choose where her loyalty lies. Felicity could align with the prince, who equally frustrates and entices her more than she cares to admit, ignore the king’s cruelty, and claim the title she’s long coveted. Or damn it all and ally with the ward, a possible rebel who won’t, or can’t, speak of his past. If she trusts him, then they’ll dismantle the kingdom from the inside…and save the continent in the process. Every weapon has a weakness. It’s not just her neck on the line-it’s her heart.


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